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Welcome to the Westchester County Homeowners Coalition website (WCHC). The WCHC is an organization with humble roots. Concerned about the escalating trajectory of property taxes in the City of Mt. Vernon, a small group of homeowners began the journey of exploring civil, constructive, non-partisan dialogue to assess the trends underpinning this disturbing phenomenon. The group was able to quickly draw consensus on the problem. Using empirical data, it was clear that school taxes, which accounted for 64% of property taxes, were growing at a much faster rate than county or city taxes. Furthermore, neighboring cities in Westchester County and cities in adjoining counties were experiencing the same dilemma.As a result, the group turned to Albany for the answers and authored two bills A10621 and A10677)** which gained sponsorship in the Assembly. That was 2010. Read More...

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Other Past Events

                July 17th 2014
Click above link for EJ McMahon's Presentation


Council Debate-2012

For more information or to join the effort contact us  at: info@westchestercountyhc.org
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